Twinlab's Role in the World of Vitamins, Nutrition & Supplements

Published: 13th April 2008
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It's no secret that Twinlab vitamins and nutritional supplements offer the highest level of quality ingredient standards for dietary products on the market today. The company's innovation in supplemental products for better health and lifestyle maintenance is well-known.

Herbal teas, dietary supplements

State-of-the-art manufacturing for Twinlab's Nature's Herbs and Alvita herbal teas ensures you will be serving your health and full-body needs with the supplements and vitamins of a company with a reputation of high quality and consumer care. Individuals interested in supplementing their current diet to promote better health and nutrition often turn to Twinlabs and Twinlab vitamins for their needs.

Using strong pharmaceutical standards in the manufacturing process, Twin Lab helps reassure consumers that they are dealing with a reputable company focused on safety and quality. For over 30 years, Twinlabs has maintained its focus, providing people with the best nutritional supplements possible.

Amino acids, fish oils, marine oils...longevity and wellness matter!

A leader in the dietary supplement market, Twinlab was the first company to offer a full line of amino acids and fish and marine oils. The brand also provides the most advanced formulations of antioxidants for longevity and wellness. Twin labs also concentrates on safety for consumers, offering a vitamin and mineral line that people with allergies find easy to tolerate.

Athletes, trainers and trainees

The company provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritional supplements for athletes and people in training programs, as well, and offers special formulations for particular individual needs. Consumers can hone in on their personal needs with exactitude and precision - and better health from a brand they can trust.

Two recent examples of the high level of products Twinlabs puts on the shelves include:

• Twinlab's calcium-infused water to help combat osteoarthritis and osteoporosis through stronger bones, and

• Twinlab's Super Probiotic formulation that offers a unique probiotic strain containing 2.1 billion live active cells for a healthier digestive and immune system.

Proven, trusted, quality standards second to none

Twinlab provides consumers with a wide array of products - more than 500, in fact. Each Twin lab vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplement is manufactured in a single United States production facility, further demonstrating that this is a company that puts quality above all else.

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